Large Dancing Shiva Statue Patron of Dance Music

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Large Dancing Shiva Statue Patron of Dance Music. Representing Health & Fertility. +Much more… He is god for that wonderful faith HINDUISM!!

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Representing Health & Fertility

Large Dancing Shiva Statue Patron of Dance Music

Even if you don’t practice the wonderful faith of Hinduism, there is no denying that this is a magnificent Indian statue and it shows the bright and bold culture where he is worshipped + many more regions.
As well as being the patron of dance, Shiva is also the promoter of Health & Fertility.
He touches the suffering(spiritually) with enlightenment and lifts their spirits.
Standing on a figure of illusion and ignorance (a bad figure that Shiva rises above), with serpents in his head dress and entangled in his arms.
Serpents are another worshipped symbol.
Our lovely statue is perfect for your alter, home office/work space or celebration areas.
He could even be a great display piece for your garden ~

*We recommend using an outdoor spray (inexpensive from any hardware store) if placing these in your garden.
Our Large Dancing Shiva Statue  comes with his own spiritual significance tag which explains other aspects in more detail.
He is a resin statue with a brass/bronze outer finish /# (colour).
*We try our best to describe colours or shades on our items and be as precise as we can, however we do use camera lighting to take our photos, and this may appear slightly different when received.
38.5 cm in height, 10 cm in depth & is 31.5 cm in width.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 38 × 18 × 42 cm


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