Sage Harmonising Smudge Spray 100% pure


Sage Harmonising Smudge Spray ~Feel good, smell good & protect yourself, with Sage, Lemon & Geranium, all 100% pure/natural, Quality Essential Oils


Sage Harmonising Smudge Spray ~Feel good, smell good & protect yourself

This blend raises and protects the energies of yourself and your space.
It also promotes love on all levels.

A very healing, purifying and uplifting body and room spray!

Having a bottle with a spray mist is also very important to those that travel, because you can now use our smudge spray in any area that has a smoke alarm such as ~ motel rooms, guess houses or public areas, to remove any unwanted energies.
Use it also, as the perfect personal protectant that gives off the beautiful scent that is better (so our customers tell us) than a lot of perfumes.

At least this is perfectly natural!!

The 100% pure/natural, Quality Essential Oils used to make this wonderful aroma are:

  • Sage
  • Lemon
  • Geranium

Use our Sage Harmonising Smudge Spray for personal or your spaces protection, use it as a perfume or cologne!!

This listing is for 125 ml bottles.
If larger bottles are needed, we can make up a 250 ml size + we can offer bulk orders
#(please enquire about prices).

Pick up is available from Strathdale (Bendigo) Victoria (Australia) please send us a message through to organise a time.


Enjoy your shopping experience with us 🙏

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